“The visa process in the Czech Republic is time consuming, has as many steps as the astronomical clock tower, takes forever, and can be quite confusing. Not to mention any issues that may be lost in language translation. Carlos and Jodi were there every step of the way and also made themselves readily available to meet or call and help me solve any problems that arose. They were extremely professional, considerate, and hard-working, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
                                                                                                                          Clayton • USA

“I truly had the best experience working with Jodi throughout this process. Not only is she a true professional but she also stays up to date on the constant changes being made to the visa process. It seems like the rules change weekly but she manages to say informed about what needs to be done and when. This can be a very difficult process but Jodi makes it pain free. I’m am forever grateful for her ability to get the job done the right way at a very fair price. You can’t go wrong with Jodi as your visa consultant. Thank You Jodi!!!”
                                                                                                                         Barbara • USA

“I just want to say Thank You to Jodi for helping me with my visa process! If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would of kept my sanity. All the documents you need and places that you have to go to obtain the visa can be quite confusing but with her help it was a piece of cake. My visa was approved and I was able to continue living in Prague which made me very very happy!! Thanks again Jodi for all your hard work and knowledge!!!”
                                                                                                                         Vanessa • USA

“Jodi is knowledgeable and helpful, and wonderful in every way. I trust her absolutely and she has never let me down!”
                                                                                                                                Kate • USA

“I would definitely recommend Jodi! Not only was she a very pleasant person, she was extremely knowledgeable in the visa process and explained every step and question I had clearly and simply. A very daunting process became simple (and affordable) with her help! CZ Visa is a great choice :)”
                                                                                                                      Alyssa • Canada

“Outstanding is really the best word to describe Jodi and her service! I met with another visa agency, and the whole process seemed so daunting. After meeting with Jodi, not only was she more affordable, she made the process so much easier! Instead of being worried, I felt like it was actually quite easy. Two trips to Berlin and 2 months after we started, and I’m already finished. She was also quite patient with a newbie asking all the stupid questions, which I was very appreciative of. If you are looking for the best service at the cheapest price, Jodi’s your gal. I very highly recommend enlisting her services if you find yourself in need of a Czech visa :)”
                                                                                                                        Amanda • USA

“had Jodi come with me yesterday to my immigration meeting – could not have asked for a more professional excellent service than what she provided to me. She was pleasant, easy to talk to, and got through the meeting with me in a very efficient and effective manner. I highly recommend all my friends to use this service!!!”
                                                                                                                      Louise • Canada

“Recommend!! The visa process can be daunting and very difficult for a non-Czech speaker. Jodi worked hard on my behalf to submit documents, field phone calls, and translate at the Foreign Police. She knows the system and can make the long process less stressful for you. I prefer using CZ Visa over the larger companies because Jodi is very friendly and personable.  To save yourself many stresses over not having the right documents or translations, I suggest hiring CZ Visa. Thank you Jodi!”
                                                                                                              Rosemary • Canada

“I was exceptionally happy with your services. Sarah and Darina were both very responsive and guided me through the process without any stress. In fact, when people tell me how much of a headache getting a visa is, I can’t really relate! Honestly I thought everything was top-notch. Thanks so much for providing a great service, I’ll certainly recommend it to anyone who needs help with their visa!”
                                                                                                                                 Max • USA

“My time here in Prague has been absolutely amazing thanks to your company’s assistance, so thanks again for all of your services and willingness to provide quick information.”
                                                                                                                        Anthony • USA

“I’ve only had positive experiences working with Sarah. She kept me calm and walked me through the Zivno process. She turned something that seemed so daunting and complicated into a smooth and easy procedure. I was also pretty pressed for time but it didn’t seem to phase her, she kept cool, organized, and got things done. In the end, I got my visa on time, and everything worked out great. Also, Sarah and her team were always available, they answered any questions I had and were there to explain any of the bureaucracy I didn’t fully grasp, even well after receiving my visa. Well worth it, piece of mind is priceless, especially when you’re starting off in a foreign country!”
                                                                                                                     Trinity • Canada

“Upon completion of my TEFL course in November 2013, I was faced with the daunting task of obtaining a visa. I selected CZ VISA based on my first meeting with Sarah Micek and her willingness to answer my myriad of questions regarding the visa interview and process. She was absolutely thorough in her explanation and highly organized with the information given and explained to me. Sarah was always available to answer any of my last minute questions. As a result of her guidance and support, I easily obtained my visa in January 2014.
Six months later, I decide to stay on and obtain a two-year residence visa. This time, I had the extreme pleasure of working with Darina. She also was extremely organized and thorough with informing me of the necessary information for this new visa. She prepared and accompanied me to the interview with my paperwork ready to submit to the visa office. After the interview, I was informed of my two-year acceptance four weeks later. I was thrilled that I could continue my teaching journey in the Czech Republic. I am extremely grateful to Sarah and Darina’s dedication to me as a client throughout the entire process! I will definitely utilize their services again in July 2016! It was very well-worth the investment!!!!”        
 • USA