CZ VISA  is like you! We are transplants from the United States and Canada, living, working, and being legal in the Czech Republic for many, many years.

We started Czech life as many other anglophones do, becoming TEFL certified and teaching English as a foreign language, but after years of classroom and freelance instruction, watching friends and colleagues struggle with the Czech visa process before eventually packing up and returning home, we decided to refocus our energies into making the visa experience as painless as possible.


As it turns out, a simple and intuitive three-pointed code of conduct is all CZ VISA needed to avoid the trouble that so many foreigners have experienced within the halls of Czech business and bureaucracy.

Unlike many other visa services in Prague, our approach is ethical, affordable, and safe.  CZ VISA will not cut corners or break any laws for the sake of expediency or convenience.  We will not overcharge or surprise our clients with continuous fees; and, we do not exploit the trust and dependence that our clients place in our care.

Whether you are joining your family, relocating within your company, teaching English — whatever, the successful submission of your visa application is an existential process which CZ VISA shares with you. It’s who we are.